Lessons available

Sea School Lessons Offered:


Five most popular lessons:

Camouflage - How & why fish and other animals use camouflage.

Fish and Sharks - The differences and similarities.

Flotsam & Jetsam - A walk on the beach finding and identifying objects that have washed up.

Our amazing penguins - Learn all about them and watch them in their pool.

Rock pools - Examining the rockpools and creatures living there. 



Alien invaders - The danger of introduced species.

Ballast - Hands-on lesson on dangers of introduced species.

Bird ID - Either a dress up lesson, or older children learn how to use bird books and a bird hide.

Bugs Galore - Insects and spiders.

Designer teeth - Studying examples of different animal teeth.

Do whales sneeze? - All about whales & dolphins.

Feather washing - Hands-on lesson on penguin rehabilitation after an oil spill.

Footprints - Discussing and examining the different types of feet.

Reptiles - Learn about different reptiles.

Seals - Dress up lesson.

Tracks - How animals communicate and looking at different footprints.



Archaeology - A hands-on lesson on middens.

Pollution and Recycling - The effects of pollution on marine life and what we can do to help.

Seashore Search - To find specific objects and learn about them.

Shipwrecked - Fun history lesson on early shipping.


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